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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Hey there! We wanted to write a short post to fill you in on what's in the works here at Green Akers Games! Most of you already know we are fairly new at content creation, so in some ways we are still finding our zone, but what we have found is that as long as we are having fun there are no limits to what content we will create. Of course we want anything we put out to be quality as well. Hopefully you take a few minutes to read this post in full and we can't wait to put out more content for our fellow board game enthusiasts to enjoy!


We have really started to roll on getting out reviews. We've found that content creation certainly has to be intentional otherwise it just won't happen. Our goal here is to put out at least one review a week. Sometimes it will be more often than that, but our hope is that it will never be less. We have settled into our review format after a little bit of tweaking and we always make sure to post them to both BGG and our Facebook Page in case you aren't subscribed here. There isn't a whole lot more to say in this regard so we will just settle for giving you a sneak peak at some of the games we have scheduled for review this year!

| Sorcerer City | Originz | Spirits of the Forest | Azul SG |

| Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle | Thanos Rising | The Grimm Masquerade | Hail Hydra |

| Duelosaur Island |The Mind | Cheese Quest | Doctor Esker's Notebook |

| Vamp on the Batwalk | Punching Babies | Chronicles of Crime | Villainous |

| Dice Throne | Scythe | Secret Hitler | Parks | Fugitive | Tidal Blades | Azul | Shards of Infinity |

| The Grimm Forest | Anomia | Santorini | Sheriff of Nottingham | Colour Chess |


Starting this year we intend to give out annual GAG Awards for different categories. We are very excited for this! Obviously we can't say who any of the frontrunners are in our minds, but we wanted to at least you know what the categories will be! Most awards will be given based on cumulative votes from our team, but one will be decided by you the people. If you haven't seen already we have an ongoing tournament being carried out on our Facebook Page. How it works is every week we post a poll and the winner of that matchup moves on while the loser is eliminated. The goal of the contending games is to build the longest win streak possible since the games with the top seven win streaks enter a final tournament in December along with the number one game on BGG. It has been so fun so far and we hope you'll join us by voting throughout the year as we find our People's Champion of 2019! The categories are:

Best Art 2019

Best Theme 2019

Best Gameplay 2019

Most Innovative 2019

Game of the Year 2019

People's Champ 2019

GAG Top 5 Game


Producing videos has been a topic of discussion for our team. As you probably know videos are all the rage these days. It is a hard space to be in if you cannot produce high quality videography. For the time being we have chosen to mostly stick to written content, though we have a few one-shot videos in mind. I personally think they would be awesome videos, but in order to create them to our standard we have to get some equipment first. Great lighting and a proper microphone are pretty essential for our ideas so it's essentially a waiting game until we can either acquire those things or find a local friend to partner with us. Either way do know that (1) we plan to eventually expand into video reviews and video content, and (2) this year we should at least have a couple videos we think you will LOVE to see!


I saved the best for last! As quality art grows to be more prevalent in the board game industry we decided it is important for the artists who create the amazing graphics we all love to get a little more love themselves! Starting this month we will have a monthly featured post spotlighting one specific artist in the board game industry. We hope to really show how thankful we are for what artists do. Art often times falls by the wayside when it comes to being valued. This will just be our way of saying thank you to all you artists who bring our board games to life!

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