The Grimm Forest: Introduction

Updated: Oct 17, 2019


Our story begins on the edges of the Grimm Forest. An eery place, the Grimm Forest had been shrouded in mystery, covered with darkness for as long as anyone could remember. Those that lived in the surrounding kingdom didn't know much about what resided within, and truthfully, nobody was ever brave enough to find out. All anyone knew was that long ago the forest was supposedly a refuge for beasts fleeing the kingdom. To this day, why they fled and what events led to the exodus are unknown, but the tales are of an old king who drove them out in an attempt to "cleanse" the kingdom. They say the king feared the strength of the beasts and feared losing the kingdom due to an uprising from the monsters. In an attempt to protect his place on the throne he ordered his armies to drive out the monsters under the guise of "protecting the kingdom". He recruited witches and wizards to bind the beasts in the forest, hoping to never deal with them again. In recent years strange sounds have been heard along the villages bordering the forest and sure enough ficticious tales about the sounds have spread throughout the kingdom. Children are running about, daring one another to venture into the forest while village leaders are imploring the King to send scouts and find out more about the mysterious sounds. What's truly hiding in the shadows of the forest? Will King Reginald take action to settle the unrest growing within the kingdom? Join us for this fairytale adventure as we discover the true story behind The Grimm Forest! To follow along simply click the chapter titles below as they go live!

Chapter 1: Rising Rumors

May 11th

Chapter 2: The King's Plan

May 18th

Chapter 3: Brave & Bold

May 25th

Chapter 4: Pig Plot

October 17th

Chapter 5: The Contest I


Chapter 6: The Contest II


Chapter 7: The Contest III


Chapter 8: Civil War


Chapter 9: Distinguishing Fires


Chapter 10: The Ever After


*Dates Subject To Change*

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