Review: Martian Dice

Martian Dice

Publisher: Tasty Minstel Games Designer: Scott Almes

Artist: Josh Cappel Player Count: 2+ Age Appropriateness: 8+ Playtime: 10 Minutes

Thematic Overview

"Your mission, Martians, is to swoop down on the pathetic denizens of the primitive planet Earth and scoop up as many of the inhabitants as you can manage. We are interested in samples of the Chicken, Cow, and Human populations so that we can determine which of them is actually in charge. The Earthlings might manage to put up a feeble defense, but surely nothing that a small taste of your Death Rays can't handle. Make Mars proud – be the first Martian to fill your abduction quota!"

Gameplay Summary

"In Martian Dice you will roll 13 custom dice in an effort to set aside ("abduct") Humans, Chickens, and Cows. With each roll you must first set aside any Tanks, representing the human military coming to fend off your alien invasion. Then you may choose one type of die to set aside as well - one of the earthlings to abduct, or Death Rays to combat the military. At the end of your turn, if you have at least as many Death Rays as Tanks, then you may abduct the earthlings you've been setting aside. You can't pick any type of Earthling twice in one turn, but if you manage to abduct at least one of each you'll score a bonus! With each roll you will ask yourself, do you feel lucky?"

What We Think

Gameplay & Rules

If you have ever played Zombie Dice, you probably understand pretty well how Martian Dice works. It is a fun and very easy to understand dice game that utilizes both the press your luck and set collection mechanics. The gameplay can definitely offer up some strategy, but this is without a doubt a game that can be played by individuals whether they are six or sixty. Despite the publisher recommending 8+ age range my six year old loves it and picked it up with no problem. Kids typically enjoy getting to roll the dice and the characters on the dice are familiar to them as well. The unknown aspect of dice rolling is something many people dislike, so with that being the core mechanic of Martian Dice you must take your feelings on that into account. There are times when it will feel like the dice just won't roll your way; however, if you strategize appropriately the frustrating dice rolls can be laregely mitigated. When it comes down to it, if you like to roll dice, if you enjoy the stress and pressure of press your luck, and if you favor light strategy games that anyone can play this would be a great game to add to your collection. The rules are also excellent. They are short, sweet, and to the point which makes it very easy to jump right into gaming.

Components & Art

Martian Dice is about as basic as it gets when it comes to board game components. The game consists of thirteen custom dice which all fit very nicely into the new edition's packaging. The dice are great quality when it comes to both size and design. I could not ask for much more in that regard. The art is also pretty simple, but it is fun and good quality. I really like the new box design as it is easy to put on a shelf and displays the dice well through a transparent window that forms a beam dropping down to earth from an alien spaceship. If you like quality components, practical storage, and a pretty box this game will most likely check all of the boxes for you!

Final Thoughts

Here at Green Akers Games we love games. It sometimes can be difficult to be a reviewer since almost every game has at least something to love about it! So what we like to do is simply let our readers/viewers know if we think this game is a game we’d choose to pay for, play, and recommend to others without hesitation. A 3 out of 3 is a perfect score while anything less means the game has missed the mark somewhere in our eyes! Please keep in mind, our perception of or feelings about any game should not trump your feelings about that game. We believe that if a game interests you that you should at least give it a shot! Utilize your local FLGS or local gaming group to test out games before you decide to go all in!

Martian Dice gets a 3/3 from us. I would have no hesitation recommending this game to others that enjoy light filler games, have young children, or enjoy the press your luck mechanic. Given the price point I 100% think it is worth every penny, I would gladly pay full retial price for Martian Dice! Lastly, I would love to make this game a regular play option in my own home and with my own play group! It would be pulled off my shelf quite often since it can appeal to so many people and be played in short amounts of time. Small box portability also helps it get thrown in a bag for those days you want to play a game while traveling. I will say, having played both Zombie Dice and Martian Dice I believe they are similar enough that owning one would do the trick. I personally prefer Martian Dice since it has a broader range of appeal, but whatever floats your boat thematically would be my recommendation for you! Please remember, just because we like the game does not mean YOU will since not every game is for everyone. TMG has done a great job with their release of the English Third Edition and I look forward to making it a staple in my own collection!

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