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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Dungeon Drop

Publisher: Phase Shift Games

Designer: Scott R. Smith

Artist: Marilia Nascimento

Player Count: 2-4

Age Appropriateness: 10+

Playtime: 10-20 Minutes

Thematic Overview

Jump into this dungeon and collect loot for your queen! Watch out for the goblins, trolls, and the loot hoarding dragon! Talks of the word "Boblin" has been spreading through the lands, but no one is quite sure what it means. Some say it is a savage yet adorable beast, but no one has actually seen this beasty and returned to tell the tale. Dungeon Drop is a light but unique dungeon crawl game that really caught our attention. This fantasy world is brought to life through the fun and cute looking artwork for all the heroes that are available, but the game's uniqueness is really brought out through it's dungeon drop mechanic.

Gameplay summary

Assume the role of one of the brave heroes and take turns exploring, using your class or race abilities, and then looting the room in a dungeon that is ever changing. Whoever returns to the queen with the most loot will be claimed the victor. The component count in this game is not very high but is still able to boast an insane amount of replayability anyway. Also, the setup and gameplay of the game is quite fast as we found ourselves playing several games due to this. Setup begins with randomly giving each player a hero and class card out of the six hero and six class cards available. Be on the lookout, because more hero and class cards may be available to get in the stretch goals during the game's campaign! Once you have your hero, look for a number in the top left corner of your race card to determine your hero's initiative. Heroes take turns on the first round starting from the smallest initiative to the largest. Each player is then given one of the ten quest cards that will show you how to score gems and might also have additional scoring bonuses on it. Keep the quest cards face down until the end of the game when you are doing the final scoring. Now that you have all the cards needed, all you do is separate the small cubes from the large cubes and drop the small cubes (plus the large red dragon cube) on the table to create your dungeon. This is the mechanic that gives this game an infinite amount of possibilities as you will not play the same game twice. One thing you will discover is depending on the material the components will be dropping on, you will want to have some practice rounds of dropping the pieces before starting the game until you find that sweet spot. Now that you have the dungeon ready to be explored put the large cubes into the box and lets start looting!

This game consists of three rounds. On a round you have three actions. Two of these actions are required while one is optional.


Draw a number of cubes from the box depending on your player count without looking at them and drop them wherever you would like to into the dungeon.


This is the optional action where you can choose to activate either your race or class ability.


You loot the dungeon by creating rooms. Room are created by connecting three pillars which

will form a triangle and grabbing all the cubes inside the triangle (good and bad). Few rules to note when looting are: you cannot form a room with a pillar inside of it, place all treasure below your cards in your "stash" and any enemies are placed on your hearts to symbolize them causing your hero harm, and lastly is the rule that you cannot form a room that would cause you to lose your last heart.

At the end of the round, each hero counts the total number of cubes in their stash except for their monsters to determine initiative. Heroes will now resolve turns in order of smallest weight to largest weight. Repeat all of these steps for three rounds where you will end with final scoring.

Now it is time to count your treasure! First, reveal your quest cards and score your gems according to how many points the quest cards shows that they are worth. Also score any bonus scoring effects that may be on your quest card. For example, one quest scores double points for chests which can be a ton of points if you have multiple chests and roll well. If you have gathered keys and chests then resolve them now. This is done for each pairing of one key to one chest. Roll the chest (which is a die) to get an extra 1-6 points to add to your scoring. Multiple chests can be scored as long as a key accompanies it. See who has the most loot to impress the Queen to determine the winner!


The abilities of each race help can really change the game. Some of the abilities allow you to flick which adds a little dexterity to the game. One of my favorite abilities allows you to use 4 pillars instead of three to make a room which can really allow you to capitalize on available loot. This game has a ton of potential for other variants to increase replayability even more. When playing with two players, we decided to play two games back to back and then add the loot from the first game to the second game for a total loot count at the end. Really easy to do but makes your dungeon crawl a bit longer for those wanting a longer experience. We didn't change your quest, race, or class cards when doing the fan made variant. It's essentially as if you went into one dungeon and beat it then jumped into another dungeon.

*Coming to kickstarter june 4th*

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