Preview: Bubbles the Card Game

Bubbles the Card Game

Publisher: Tinkerbot Games

Designer: Bevan Clatworthy

Artist: David Hayward

Player Count: 2-4

Age Appropriateness: 8+

Playtime: 5-20 Minutes

Thematic Overview

It is bath time, but this is no ordinary bath time! It is time for war! In Bubbles the Card Game you will be defending your bubble forts against enemies while you seek to destroy theirs. Throw colorful bubbles to damage enemy forts and collect other treasure to help you destroy all of the enemies bubble forts. This is a fun filler game that is super quick and teaches the real importance of bath time which is war! Use cards such as "Duck of Doom", "Bath Bomb", and "Flying Hedgehog" for offensive or defensive purposes in this epic bath time battle.

Gameplay Overview

In Bubbles the Card Game, you are trying to be the last duck standing by destroying the other teams bubble forts before they destroy yours. Bubble forts are destroyed by "throwing bubbles" which means placing bubble cards from your hand on opponent bubble forts. Set up is super easy. Take the deck of cards and separate the bubble cards from the bubble fort cards. Shuffle both decks and a certain number of forts depending on your player count (6 for 2 player, 4 for 3 player, and 3 for 4 player). Forts are placed colored side up to indicate they aren't destroyed. After you have your forts deal 6 treasure cards to each player face down, and then place the deck in the middle of the battlefield to create a draw pile. Bubble cards have bubbles (blue, green, yellow, and red) for throwing and other treasure cards that have special effects on them to help you in battle. Treasure cards will help you or hinder your opponents plans by doing things such destroying bubbles, protect your bubble forts, or throw multiple bubbles at once.

The game recommends the first player being someone who most recently took a bath. After that is decided, players take turns throwing bubbles at the same color bubble fort that the bubble card color is. A player wins the game when all of the opponents bubble forts are all destroyed. On a players turn a player must play a bubble card and after they play a card the same player immediately draws a card from the draw pile. Bubble cards that are thrown must match the bubble forts color, and after they land on a bubble fort other players are allowed a chance to play a treasure card in response. If the opponent responds with a treasure card to defend his forts they will draw from the deck as well after you have drawn first though. Landed bubble cards stay on a fort until three or more bubble cards are on the fort which triggers the fort destruction phase. You flip over the fort and discard all bubbles on that fort. Whenever one of your forts becomes destroyed you get to draw three treasure cards. Keep throwing bubble cards until all of one players bubble forts are destroyed!

One mechanic that I recommended was to add discarding to the game. You will find at times that you have all these bubble cards that you cannot even use due to either the opponent not having that color fort or that fort is destroyed. Occasionally we would run in to a standstill position and could only play defensively in hopes of drawing bubbles that matched the forts of the opponent. Therefore, if you add discarding in the game, the game requires you to always have six cards so you would immediately draw back up to six. This may require balancing of course with certain treasure cards, but I still think it will help the game be more smooth even with it being a pretty quick game.

*Coming to kickstarter July 2nd*

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