Major News Media Discussing Board Game?

Over the weekend a board game hit mainstream media in the United States. As the country approaches an election year things are heating up in the news with the latest hot topic being a game called Zoocracy! Various media/news cooporations have begun to make comparisons between the game, which is now funding on Kickstarter, and the upcoming election. Zoocracy at it's core is a game in which zoo animals have received political autonomy and establish a democracy themselves. Though this game is fictional, the comparisons to the current U.S. Political Landscape are quite intriguing. An employee of an unamed conservative news channel on Saturday stated, "The other side is simply resorting to their animalistic instincts. They might as well be vying for Presidency of their local zoo! I saw an ad for a new game called Zoocracy that is coming out...thought it was a parody of the democratic party at first!" In what seemed to be a direct response, a representative of a more liberal news channel later stated, "If we need to recruit animals to help us lead this country in the right direction so be it. All evidence shows that a monkey is currently leading our country anyway! I may just get a copy of that game myself...perhaps sending a copy to the White House will teach a few lessons!" Conversations on both sides actually continued to discuss the game that was brought up and even looked it up on Kickstarter live on air. Sad to see political quarrels continue to escalate into attacks, but pretty cool to see a board game being mentioned on such a big stage! Check out Zoocracy on KS by clicking the following link!

Zoocracy Kickstarter

This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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