It's a Walkoff!

Tensions are starting to boil at the Vamp on the Batwalk 2019 event a few hours before the show is set to begin. Many passive aggressive taunts are being thrown back and forth between team Mr. Sinister and Team Calypso. Things are getting pretty batty over here folks, and now garlic is even being tossed around between the teams. We are getting word now that a "walk off" has been initiated to see who the best Vamp on the Batwalk actually is. This will be quite an interesting battle between the talented and seasoned Mr. Sinister versus the young shining star, Calypso.

We are witnessing history here folks, as both Vamps are dazzling us with their graceful moves. The competition is neck and neck as we move to the final stages of the walk off. Calypso is up first to demonstrate his power move. Calypso saunters down the walkway and once he reaches the halfway point he turns into a bat! As he reaches the edge of the Batwalk, he transforms back into his humanoid form, but now his jacket is tied around his waist! Such a difficult maneuver! Now Mr. Sinister must try his hand to top this insane performance. Mr. Sinister proudly begins to saunter down the walkway and transforms into a bat, but as he transforms back into his humanoid form a look of horror is displayed across his face. Mr. Sinister managed to transfer his jacket to his waist level, but it ended up entrapped in his skin starting from his elbows down to his hips! Such a brutal scene to witness, and just before the big show! The obvious winner here today is the young upcoming star Calpyso after performing a move we have never seen before. We can only hope Mr. Sinister will be able to model in the future after this horrible accident. Thank you for tuning in, and come back later for the main Vamp on the Batwalk event!

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This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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