Intriguing New Game Launching

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Word is out that a new design and publishing team is coming out with a game in Q3 of this year. The parent company, All or Nothing Games, prides itself on giving consumers anything and everything they could possibly want in a game. They seem to believe that they can get ahead of the curve by offering everything from the start rather than waiting for people to fill their e-mail boxes and Kickstarter comments section with requests and demands. Only a few details have been leaked, but the details that have been leaked are causing a stir! Among the leaked details are mechanics, components, and possible add-ons for the Kickstarter campaign. For more info on those leaks take a look below. Many hobbyists are cautiously optimistic since it seems to be too much, but who knows, maybe it can work! The name is unreleased, but we are hearing it will be a Euro.


Acting, Wagering, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Press Your Luck, Role Playing, Take That, Worker Placement, Area Control, Campaign, Memory, Tile Placement, Dice Rolling, and Voting.


Quadruple Layered Player Boards, Engraved Dice, Dice Tower, Dice Tray, Both Plastic Cards AND Sleeves, Game Mat, Game Mat Case, Real Gold Tokens, Soft Touch Rulebook, Box Sleeve, Gametrayz Insert, Miniatures, Wooden Meeples, and an iPhone to use the included app. Discussions are being had on whether or not to include a bag for the game mat case.


Expansions for 5th player, 6th player, 10th player, and 32nd player, Option for No Box Sleeve, Promo Pack of Cards, T Shirt, Engraved Toaster, Every Future All or Nothing Game, Membership to Planet Fitness, Taco Bell Gift Card, and a Coupon for Bacon. We are also hearing there will be a bidding system to decide who gets their game delivered first.

This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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