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We recently had the awesome opportunity to conduct our first ever interview! We talked with Thing 12 Games about their new game Dinos Not Assembled...anyone notice the clever acronym? Dinos Not Assembled will be the 5th game to be published by Thing 12 and looks to be a fantastic dinosaur-themed family game! We don't want to say much more than that, but check out the interview and images below to find out more! Don't miss their Kickstarter Campaign which is live now and linked at the bottom of the interview!

Q: Before we talk about games we always like to find out about the company and people that are getting things done! What is Thing 12 Games all about? What's your story?

A: Thing 12 was founded by a team of folks that have nearly 20 years experience in the video game industry. As video gaming has become more "online only", we wanted an opportunity to connect players together in real settings, which allows for the kind of wonderful memories and friendship building that we all remember from sitting around the consoles of youth. We're interested in making and publishing games that have a high quality bar and have chances for player interaction. We all enjoy messing with each other in games, and the hilarity that ensues from it. Our first game, Dice of Crowns, was funded on Kickstarter in June of 2016 and we've been continuing to make very well-received games ever since.

Q: Dinos Not Assembled looks to be a game driven towards kids, is that right? Tell us a little about the gameplay and components!

A: Dinos Not Assembled (or DNA as we like to call it) was designed with a fun family game experience in mind. Players compete to build dinos in a race to fill a museum display, and do this by collecting tiles that have specific bones on them. Each dinosaur has 3 specific bones needed to build it (1 that is unique to that dinosaur, and 2 that are shared across some other dinosaurs). You collect the tiles from a communal dig site...or steal them from other players. Building the dinos allows you to place a wooden dino meeple onto the board, and the game plays in about 20-30 minutes. The game is VERY tactile, with good sized components that are attractive, fun to touch and hold, and cute to look at.

Q: What was the spark or motivation that led you to create Dinos Not Assembled?

A: This is the thing that we loved about the game when it was shown to us. The concept came from the son of game designer Alice Davis (who designed Thieves Den and Kitten Klash for Daily Magic Games). Dawson , age 9, loves dinosaurs and plays games with his family. Dawson and his mother worked on the game to get it playable and presentable. We had a chance to play it at a convention, and really fell in love with the game and its potential.

Q: As a father I love playing games with my kids. I actually created a kid version of Dinosaur Island to play with my son, which he LOVES! The idea of having a Dino game specifically geared towards him is very appealing to me, but what's special about Dinos Not Assembled? What sets it apart and makes it a must have game?

A: When we originally play tested it with adult audiences, they enjoyed it without needing kids present. This was important to us, as we wanted a "family accessible" game that parents wouldn't groan and roll their eyes over. Making sure the game looked great on the table, was fun in the hand, and was engaging to all those who played it (regardless of age) was the goal of development...and based on the tons of player feedback we have received the game delivers that. The game also doesn't force players to be "mean" and steal from each other. It's an option. If someone's family doesn't jive well with that...just remove that action as an option for players. But if your friends and family like messing with each other, then that option is great. There IS some light strategy in the game, which does help it be something that gamers enjoy and it is a great way to teach things to the "new gamer" in our life (be they 5 or 85).

Q: The art for the game looks very fun! Could you tell us a little bit more about the artist that has been on board for this project?

A: Jeff Willis is the incredibly talented artist and he was who we wanted from the beginning. Jeff is a VERY accomplished artist, and has been doing it for many decades. Some of his more prominent work can be found in the multi-platform digital game Fairway Solitaire by Big Fish Games. Jeff has an adorable Land Before Time style to his art. Very bright and attractive colors, rich depth in the scenes, and he's very inclusive in the characters he creates. Jeff is a big fan of dinosaurs as well, and it has been a real joy to collaborate with him on this game.

Q: After looking at your website and social media pages I noticed a few other games. Can you tell us a little about what else Thing 12 has produced?

A: The Luci Award winning Dice of Crowns, our first game, set the bar for us as a really high quality component game, something easy to learn, yet has lots of player interaction. We've since gone on to successfully fund a total of 3 other games. The Luci award winning Click Click Boom, Dice of Pirates (the great follow up to Crowns, that does something a dice game has never done before...add a way to mix 2 games together to create a 3rd), and the tight 2-player bidding strategic game The Seals of Cthulhu which is with manufacturing at the time of this interview.

Q: Wrapping things up here, what does Thing 12 Games have in store down the line? Anything exciting you can give teasers on?

A: We have anywhere from 6-8 games in various stages of development! So we certainly stay busy. One of the upcoming games we are developing is a 2-player weapon-based card combat game. The very unique element of the game is a timeline that cards are secretly played into. If you play a large damage attack, it will take longer for your move to activate and potentially hit your them time to potentially dodge or parry. While a small damage attack will trigger quicker, be harder to avoid, but not do as much damage. Each player has a unique deck of cards based on a specific weapon. For example, I may choose a 2-handed broadsword while you choose 2 daggers. Each plays quite differently and requires the players to adjust their strategy based on what their opponent is capable of. It really feels like you are having a dueling weapon battle, trying to outwit and outmaneuver your opponent through the asymmetric card play. The art design of the game is equally unique and nothing like people are typically familiar with...yet it is super appealing and attractive. This is one we will be talking more about later this stay tuned! ;)

Thank you Thing 12 Games for doing this interview with us and we can't wait to see what else you have in store for the future! If you enjoyed this interview we would love for you to like our Facebook Page or become a member of our site! You can find everything related to Green Akers Games and Thing 12 Games below!

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