I Dreamed a Dream...

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

We hope you enjoy this Board Game Madlib. Copy and paste the following into a document, a Facebook Post, or the comment box on this page. Then, simply replace the numbers in the story with the words you choose for the number below! Don’t look at the story until you have chosen all of your numbered words! We’d love for you to share your dream with us or others on social media!

(1) Color

(2) A Greeting

(3) Your Name

(4) Name of Someone in the Board Game Industry

(5) Convention Name

(6) Three Verbs Ending in “ING”

(7) A Friend’s Name

(8) Body Part

(9) Type of Material

(10) Type of Board Game Component (PLURAL)

(11) A Board Game You Want

(12) Time of Day

(13) Type of Vehicle

(14) A Board Game Mechanic

(15) Adjective

(16) Nickname

(17) Answer to #4

(18) Three Friend’s Names

(19) Name of Someone in the Board Game Industry

(20) Answer to #16

(21) Exclamation

I Dreamed a Dream...A Board Game Dream

The sun was just coming over the (1) horizon as my alarm began to sound. I grabbed my phone and saw a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. The message read, “(2) (3), this is (4). We haven’t met, but I have an offer for you. I’d like for you to join me this year at (5) and enjoy a free weekend of (6, 6, and 6).” To say I was skeptical would have been an understatement. I figured it was my friend (7) just pulling my (8), but I decided to play along. I replied letting him know I would accept the offer, just to let me know the details. That was it. No reply, no details, nothing. Three days later I came home to a package in the mail. I opened it to find a (9) box filled with custom (10) and a signed copy of (11) along with a note. The note read, “Here is a little gift to hold you off until our bash. Please be ready to leave your house at (12) on the day the convention starts.” Weird, my friend seemed to be playing the long game. Just to see what would happen I packed a small suitcase and was ready to go when the time came. What do ya know, a (13) with the phrase (14) painted on the side of it shows up at my house! Could this be real? I was determined to see who was behind all of this! I hop in and off we go. No words are spoken other than the driver saying, “Welcome (15) (16).” A few hours later I show up at the convention greeted by (17) himself. Not only was it him, it was my three friends (18, 18, 18), and (19). While pumping their fists in the air as if they were closing out The Breakfast Club they all yelled in unison, “(20) let’s go!” Eighties music began to play as my vision faded leading me to awake in my own bed. “(21) it was just a dream?!”

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