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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

TantrumCon, hosted by Tantrum House Media Group, was forced to shut down early last night. What was supposed to be the groundbreaking of a much anticipated board game convention resulted in catastrophe, perhaps due to a simple misunderstanding. Convention attendees showed up by the masses on Friday prepared to enjoy what was advertised as “three full days of tabletop gaming glory”. However, the majority of visitors seemed to believe that Tantrum + Glory = War. As the board game enthusiasts showed up they immediately began the intense competitions. Tabletop games were under way and before anyone knew what was happening fights had broken out throughout the convention area. Tables were seen flying through the air, meeples were being used in homemade slingshots, and the local larpers were fully engaged in combat using their medieval weapons of war. Thankfully local law enforcement showed up prior to spillage into the “dedicated kids gaming area” where children had been peacefully stacking animals on top of one another. Though we were unable to catch live footage we did get one individual to stop and give us a statement, “I really thought it was the best convention experience of my life until the police showed up. After reading that there would be table flipping tournaments on their website I figured we finally had a convention where hyper aggressive gamers could be themselves. Turns out we still don’t have a place to openly express our rage and disgust …back to the local game group I go.” Tantrum House has yet to release a statement of their own and have not sent a response to our communication efforts.


This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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