Green Akers Games Official Launch

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

One week from today we officially launch Green Akers Games! Thanks for swinging by and we can't wait to connect with the tabletop community!

Who and What is Green Akers Games?

Our goal at Green Akers Games (GAG for short) is to is to help groups of friends & families take a step back from the chaos of life and enjoy quality time together! We are just some ordinary folks who like board games and all that goes with them. Every once in a while you can find blog posts on our website as we touch on various tabletop subjects, written reviews, board game humor, and so much more! Be sure to also take a look at and subscribe to our YouTube Channel! That is where we will post all sorts of videos we hope that you'll enjoy as we unbox new games, post reviews, host playthroughs, and who knows what else!

Our Team

This is a quick glance at our team here at Green Akers Games! Some of us are definitely more involved than others when it comes to videos & blogs, but we are all a part of GAG in some way! Get to know us better by checking out the About Us Page on our website. We are looking for one more individual to join the team, so please be sure to get in touch if you'd like to come aboard!

Website Features

We hope none of our readers stop at our blog! We would love for you to check out the rest of our website and our YouTube Channel! Two unique features, outside of this blog, on our website are our Review Page and our Game Vault Page. If you are interested in what games we have in the Green Akers Games collection or are curious as to what games we have reviewed, unboxed, or posted a playthrough for be sure to check out the Review Page. Take note that many games on the review page are on our to-do list for the upcoming year. The other great feature is our Game Vault Page! This is where you can find out what games we are in the process of designing here at GAG. Perhaps you are a publisher and are looking for a game design to pick up, or maybe you just want to see what we have been working on...either way we'd love for you to check out what Mac and Benjamin are working on in our tabletop design department!

Green Akers Games Established 2018