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Mac Wingard

Hello! I am Mackenzie Wingard. I go by Mac and I have been friends with Ben since second grade. I joined his website to help create content about board gaming, which is a huge passion in both of our lives. My About Me section on my profile discusses my venture into board gaming in depth so I'll just discuss more about myself in this post. I am 27 years old and I am happily married to Emily Wingard who is a second-grade teacher. We were blessed with a boy in December 2018 who is currently 12 weeks old! He has brought so much joy into our family. Little dude has both of us wrapped around his little fingers. I graduated from ASU with a B.S. in Biology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. However, the boards to become licensed as a physical therapist have proved to be quite difficult. As for now, I am putting the boards on the backburner with our child being born but will return to it in a year or so!

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So, for more about me. I love football! Auburn for NCAA and Falcons for NFL. Only started liking NFL in the past 8 years due to Fantasy Football. It is so much fun watching the games and scoring points simultaneously. I like stressful games and Fantasy Football is exceptional in adding more stress to each game. I currently hold 4 championship trophies of the 8 seasons we have had so far. I am honestly a fan of about anything that is competitive really. I transitioned from video games to the tabletop world starting around my junior year of college. Traded in my League of Legends funds to start collecting more and more fun and beautiful games. I am quite the sucker for games with nice cover art. I hope to have a wall of board games one day! It'd be even better if they are in my future secret game room equipped with a secret bookcase entrance.

I love to help people which is why I began my journey into physical therapy, especially the geriatric population. Board games are a great therapeutic tool too. I have used games such as Connect Four, Guess Who, and even Cornhole to improve patients who have balance issues, fine motor skill problems, or cognitive issues. I hope to design board games one day. I have lots of ideas, but they are more difficult to bring to fruition than I initially thought. So, for now I will learn more and more each day from other people in the industry thanks to Facebook groups. It is amazing how easy it is to discuss board gaming and receive feedback from popular publishers, designers, developers, etc. and in a quick fashion as well. Hopefully, with their insight and the perks of this website I will further my designs one day! I plan to make videos of some sort as well in the future, so I'll place a YouTube link below and check into it one day to see where I am at!

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