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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hey there! My name is Ben Akers and I am the founder of Green Akers Games. We decided to take the time and put a couple posts out there to introduce you to the primary contributors to GAG. As of now myself and Mac Wingard handle most of the content creation. We are both working on designing board games, two myself, while also finding our place in the board game community as content creators. Before I give you a brief “about me” I’d like to simply thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If you like what you see it’d be awesome if you would give our Facebook Page a like or consider becoming a member of our website. Becoming a member is completely free! It lets you create your own profile, follow specific members of our team to subscribe to posts you want to see, and interact with us or others through comments on blog posts!

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Ben Akers

I am 26 years old and have a fantastic wife, Crystal, two lovely kids, Noah and Ellie, and a lab/boxer mix named Lucy. Describing myself isn't particularly easy, but I am a Christ follower, a sports fan, an outdoor enthusiast, and a board game guy I suppose. I've spent most of my childhood in the south where words can be hard, tea must always be sweet, and fall is guessed it, football. Though I do not always succeed I try my best to love people. You may have read Christ follower above and gotten turned off based on prior experiences, but one goal in my life is to know God and make God known. What I mean by that is that I want love people and through that help everyone see a glimpse of God's love. People aren’t perfect, especially me. If I fail at creating good board game content, if I can’t play a professional sport, and I don’t get to lead this country as President one day I hope I can at least show people that Jesus is perfect by His love.

I love to coach my son’s soccer team, going on four years, and watch my daughter dance. Dance parties in our living room are pretty great too even though I don't always cherish it in the moment. Camping trips with the family are fantastic, and we hope to do more of that now that Ellie is older. I love seeing my family smile and enjoy life. I love to see them grow to understand the love of God I was just talking about. I love to see my wife teach and direct our kids while also running her own businesses. Shameless plug…Check out her latest venture HERE if you like to have painted nails, but don’t like paying for manicures or pedicures, dealing with spilled polish, or waiting for polish to dry! I don’t wear nail polish, but I tried these to see how easy they were and I was amazed! I love to serve and teach people. I hate exercising except when playing sports. Asian food is THE REAL DEAL. I find it hard to bring ideas to fruition because I tend to overcommit in life, and I dream of owning and operating my own FLGS and Tabletop Café. As far as board games go…

I love board games and the interaction they bring, especially with my own family. I rarely will turn down an opportunity for game night with friends or a guys night with board games. We live in a world where interaction can sometimes be hard to come by. Getting to play games with my kids and wife is so much fun! Sadly as parents we are often too tired to enjoy those types of things with our kids, but I really am thankful for them! Additionally, I love that board games require critical thinking. Growing up I was a part of a program called ACE. Once a week I would get to go to a special class specifically for gifted students. We did loads of stuff in this class, but two of my favorite activities were Risk and Chess, which were intertwined into the curriculum. This is probably where my affection for board games began. In college I had experiences with Munchkin and Bang! both of which contributed to a snowball effect in terms of board gaming as a hobby in my life. As adults it can sometimes be hard to enjoy critical thinking due to overwhelming responsibilities in our lives, but board games allow for taxing critical thinking to be enjoyed…at least for me! Also, sometimes intellectual interaction can be tough due to the chaos of adult life, but board games help alleviate this issue. To wrap it all up, board games tie together my love for family, social interaction, critical thinking, and fun while thematically letting me enjoy other interests such as fantasy, sci-fi, nature, sports, and so much more!

With our posts we try to always be short and sweet! Most readers don’t want to spend thirty minutes reading, so for that reason I am going to stop the intro to my autobiography here! I hope you enjoyed getting to know someone behind the scenes of GAG and I hope to see you in the future perhaps at events or conventions! We'd love for you to take a look at some of our recent posts as well before you leave! If you ever want to get in touch don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact Page! Also if you have any desire to become a part of the GAG Team please let me know!

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