Dice throne: the Heart Thief (Part 2)

Updated: May 8, 2019

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Dice Throne: The Heart Thief

Art by Manny Trembley

Steven was meticulous with his plan in which he analyzed every detail with much scrutiny. He understood any slight miscalculation would create a very dire situation. This meeting could very well cost him his life or worse his CP! Steven finally finished his preparations and the day to meet this mysterious creature was finally upon him. Steven pondered the many different ways that this affair could transpire as he sharpened his various blades before he dipped them into a potent poison. Even though Steven's normal routine had become discombobulated by this Vampire, he still was very careful with his preparations. As Steven left his humble abode, a set of traps were activated in order to deter intruders. However, these traps were also created to destroy his home should his plan go sideways and if he was unable to return within a few days. Steven created these traps so that if he did not come back, his stashed CP would perish with him. His stinginess knew no bounds. The Vampire's charm was still highly in effect, but the materialistic nature Steven had ingrained in himself still shined through in his preparations. Now there may be one question you may be asking. How did Steven know he was going to be able to attract this Vampire to a certain location?

Well, Steven had been eyeing the local pubs in the area and was weighing each attendee for his consideration. Three lucky townspeople were chosen for this unnatural experiment, and thus Steven began to learn each of the participants daily routines and lifestyles. After he learned just about everything he possibly could about each of the three citizens, Steven then researched when it would be possible for these three gentlemen to gather into the same pub for their nightly entertainment. Luckily, there was a drinking contest with first prize being a very sought after pig of great proportions. These weren't the type of people to play nicely when it came to winning a hefty meal for their families. It was in the midst of the drinking competition that Steven made his move. With much deliberation, he slyly poured a concoction he had created that would cause the three drunkards to halt the competition swiftly and rush off to the bathroom. While the three men were relieving themselves, Steven one by one drugged the men with a sedative that only required a few seconds before taking effect. The crowd outside the locked bathroom door started to get rowdy with unruly guests, so Steven decided toss the groggy trio out of the window into the dark alley sooner than initially planned. He did not want his plans thwarted by a riot after spending so much time planning them. For good measure, Steven struck each drunkard on the head with the pommel of one of his daggers to be sure next stage of the plan would not be resisted. Steven then commenced to cut small slits into each of the men with the intention to not kill but to use their scent for bait. Their blood flowed from their small incisions easily due to the anticoagulant effects caused by the alcohol which would attract the Vampire to alley.

Not too much time progressed by before the Shadow Thief's plan started to come to fruition. Steven, with his keen senses, witnessed a dark blur dashing between the shadows before halting in front of the meal that was piled before her. Before Steven could even make his first move, the Vampire declared, "Slowly come out of the shadows and explain yourself quickly before you become my appetizer." The Vampire's awareness was slightly underestimated by Steven and he began preparing for battle. "I needed to meet you in person, even if it would end in my defeat." The Vampire was not used to this kind of courage demonstrated by a human, and it had been a millennium since she last talked to a person who was not one of her kind. She was intrigued to say the least, especially since this human very closely resembled the physical features of her kind. "I am Valencia, Lord of the Vampires in my region!" she exclaimed. "What do you wish to say to me and why should I not strike you down as I do all the other pitiful humans I meet?" Steven was slightly taken aback as he did not expect this to be the lead Vampire, mainly due to the fact she hunted her own prey. Nonetheless, Steven audaciously stepped forward a proclaimed his reasoning for wanting to meet her. Many minutes had passed by, as the Shadow Thief expressed his longing for her beauty, explained their similarities in regards to battle, and proclaimed how he too was an outcast of the normal society. Valencia's heart fluttered in such a way that it had not beat like in such a long time. She placed her hand before him as a gesture that she accepted him and to acknowledge that she felt he truly was different than the other beast she fed on. Steven grasped her hand ever so gently and bent forward to welcome it with a kiss. His lips were millimeters away from contact when a sudden deafening noise interrupted their potential embrace. This caused both Steven and Valencia to be quite bewildered, and before much movement could occur another large crack rang into the alley.

to be continued...

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