Dice throne Choose Your Adventure: Samurai (9)

The smoke bombs were a success. The garden now is laden with several deceased ninjas as the battle finally commences. You wonder who could be responsible for this bombardment of enemies sent to kill you. These enemies proved to be unworthy opponents to your blades as the outcome to your battles always inevitable end up. Now is the time to discover who is behind this shameful intrusion on your home. Just as you begin inspecting the rest of the bodies, one of the ninjas who seemed to be dead sprints away with a small limp in his right leg. This is the perfect opportunity to will follow this ninja in order to track down the responsible party. Unable to pack for your adventure, you decide to make due with what armor and weapons on hand. This wounded ninja will avoid your blade momentarily until he has served his purpose leading you to your next victim. Surely the person responsible for this hit squad will prove more worthy than his henchmen. Little does this Samurai know, he is about to embark on a mission to try and take down the Mad King.


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