Dice Throne Choose Your Adventure: Samurai (7)

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

You are patiently waiting near the exit of the garden that the two ninjas are trampling towards. As soon as they are close enough you send your katana slicing through one ninja's abdomen. The other ninja reacts by chopping downwards with both his blades quickly that were strapped to his back. You block both incoming blades with your wakizashi and push back the ninja. The ninja blocks two of your sword blows before the third blow takes him to the ground. You investigate the bodies for further clues as to why you were invaded by this clan but nothing helpful is revealed. As you look back up, you realize that the destruction of the garden was just a distraction to bring you out in the open. Six more ninjas appear and form a semi circle around you and their fallen members separated into two smaller groups by the burning gazebo.

You throw multiple smoke bombs (9)

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