Dice Throne Choose Your Adventure: Samurai (6)

The gazebo furniture is dismantled along with more family heirlooms broken on the floor. You sneak over to a corner post to spy on the ninjas who will be passing by soon. They continue to cause havoc to the garden, but change their direction of their movement away from the gazebo. Frustrated that your ambush is thwarted, you devise a new plan. You could grab a torch a few feet away that has fallen between two statues and use it to light the gazebo on fire. While the fire spreads you could then sneak behind a bush and hope this ambush is more successful. The light produced by the fire as the day closes in on dusk will surely alert the two ninjas who will head towards the gazebo to inspect how this occurred.

(8) Go through with the plan and light the gazebo on fire

(7) Do not go through with the plan and flank the enemy at the nearby exit

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