Dice THrone Choose Your Adventure: Samurai (11)

The smoke bombs are very successful in discombobulating your opponents as you maneuver through the garden eliminating the ninjas with ease. You strike down your final enemy and cut off some of his attire to wipe off all the blood that has accumulated on your blades. As you look over the fallen warriors, you notice the fire from the gazebo has now reached your home. The battlefield is not normally taking place on your homeland so the consequences of battle normally have little effect on you. You dash towards your home and helplessly throw buckets of water from your nearby well towards the blaze. Without adequate supplies and help, nothing can be done to stop the flames from overtaking the house as you begin to burst with even more rage. Ripping off the emblem on one of the ninja's dead body, you head towards a nearby village to seek out a popular wise elder. He will either recognize the clan emblem or know a way to discover the truth about the mystery clan that has brought destruction to your only place of peace. Little does this Samurai know, he is about to embark on a mission to try and take down the Mad King.


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