DIcE THRONE Choose Your Adventure: Samurai (10)

As the three ninjas standing nearly side by side pass your hiding spot you slice upwards toward one enemy which critically injures him while the other two prepare for battle. Sword play between you and the other two ninjas last for a couple minutes leading to their inevitable demise. You walk over to the first ninja who is on all kneeling in anguish and finish him off with a swift blow to his head. Just as your blade reaches the end point of your swing, you feel multiple quick blows behind you. The other five ninjas spotted the battle and are now attacking you. You block as many sword engagements as you can with your katana and wakizashi but the element of surprise by the group of ninjas causes you to become overwhelmed. You breath very heavily as blades continue to bash your armor and pierce through at your armor's weak points. Finally you fall to you knees. Two of the ninjas have fallen to your blade but three more remain with swords readied to give the killing blow. However, you throw down your katana before the ninjas and perform seppuku with your wakizashi. Recognizing you will be defeated, this is the only why you can escape shame before falling in battle to these enemies.


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