Design Diaries: Entry #4

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The adventure of designing LOTR vs GoT: Battle of Fantasy rolls on this week. If you haven't seen our first three entries trust me you need to read them before checking out this post! Just follow the links below to get caught up!

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There have been a lot of negatives this week. I still have yet to hear back from a single publisher and my design forums on BGG have not gone well at all...people seem to think I'm "delusional". But, why focus on the negative? I'm marching on! Am I weary after working on the game design for three weeks? You bet, but I can't stop now being so close to finishing the game! This week I continued to work on my original art piece, we'll come back to that, and I have worked a lot on the gameplay. I don't really have folks around me to help me playtest so I simply tested it myself by controlling every player in the game. Let me tell you, the mechanic I have built is going to be one of a kind. The best way I can summarize it is a player is awarded control of an area if that player has the majority of units or influence in that area. It really is quite exciting to see the mechanic in action as the characters we all love from LOTR and GoT battle for control of various areas! That's it! I'm going to call it area control! I only hope nobody steals my idea for this game or this new mechanic prior to me getting this published! That's all for this week, but check out my art update before you leave! I added one of my favorite LOTR characters to the piece. Leave a comment if you can guess who the mystery character is! See you next week with Entry #5!

This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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