CMON Website Hacked

CMON Limited had their website thrown into chaos yesterday. Last night people on the CMON team started to notice that something was awry and shortly after social media lit up with screenshots of the hack. No part of the site was accessible to users other than the homepage which announced a company name change. The page showed that CMON would now stand for CMON: Crazy Minions of Nottingham. People are wondering if this is a publicity stunt for an upcoming Sheriff of Nottingham expansion, but CMON will neither confirm nor deny this rumor. After reaching out to the company we were only given the following response, "We are looking into an incident involving our website. When the investigation is complete we will be sure to put out a statement. Until then CMON over to our repaired site and see what we have going on!" We at GAG are rooting for the expansion rumor, I mean CMON that would be amazing, but only time will tell! Take a look at the now fixed CMON site and keep and let us know if you want this expansion to be a reality!

CMON Website

This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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