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Rations were depleting. Binoculars had fogged up to the point of no repair. The rafter I latched onto was inconveniently beneath a ventilation duct that was blasting out warm air. However, my recorder that was hidden inside the body of a pen would hopefully pick up the conversation between Nate and Manny. An hour or so had passed after a very successful Dice Con, and the two were discussing the day, reveling in how much the Dice Throne community has grown. Finally, the two meandered through the event hall and out the exit, breathing in the memories one last time before they left the building. Once the doors closed, I “gracefully” fell from the rafter acquiring a grade three ankle sprain while performing my “superhero” landing. Nonetheless, it was an impressive stunt minus the five minutes spent rocking back and forth on the floor trying to shoo the pain away. Hobbling over to the table I saw the spy pen that luckily was left alone. I began listening very carefully for any details/information on upcoming plans for Season Three. The only new information I could make out in their conversation was the mention of a deck of playing cards being placed on Kickstarter soon using Dice Throne art. Then I noticed a statement that made no sense, but had a unique pattern. I quickly grabbed some paper and began transcribing this part of the conversation unlocking what I believe to be the release date for the Dice Throne upcoming season!

Friends Insisted Vampires Elevated Their Winstreaks.

Everyone Named Treant or “Younger-groot”

Over Ninja Except Nate.

I Noticed Even Trembley Eagerly Eyed Ninja.”

They couldn’t hide their secrets from me! There you have it folks, the date for Season Three is unleashed. Let the world know before this site is shut down!!!

This post is satire/parody and purely intended to bring a little humor to the topic at hand.

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