A New Console Part 1: Why Tabletop?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

A while back I posted to my personal Facebook Page a lengthy post about my affinity for board games. I partially did this to justify this affection in my own eyes, but the primary reason was to help those I'm connected with see the benefits of board gaming. This series must start with us recognizing those benefits and asking the question, "Why Tabletop"? In a world full of technology, social media, entertainment at our fingertips, and high powered traditional consoles people will no doubt ask this question. For some of us it may be hard to give specs and describe where the Tabletop comes ahead of those other options, but we hope this series can help all of us Tabletop enthusiasts show the world why exactly the Tabletop is the new console! The question "Why Tabletop?" could have a whole thesis alone dedicated to answering it, so we at GAG decided to simply share our primary answer, but if you're hungry for more we included a few links to equip you as you convince everyone in your life (or yourself) that the Tabletop is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Seriously, we've shared some solid links so we hope you don't stop here. This series will expand upon the question, "Why Tabletop?", but for this initial post our focus is on the practical side of the Tabletop. Be sure to come back the couple of weeks for a look at the current booming success of the Tabletop (who likes numbers?) and a look towards the golden age we seem to be entering!

If you find yourself asking, "What is some way I can ensure that I get quality time with my friends and/or family without busting the bank?" then the Tabletop is the console for you. Poor motor skills? No problem, there are plenty of games out there requiring little to no advanced motor skills. Diverse interests? Non-issue since games for the Tabletop go from sci-fi to sports! Afraid your money won't reach very far or your console will become outdated? Easy, the Tabletop never ages and games only stop working when they literally deteriorate...for the most part! Afraid an EMP is going to take out your lovely technological devices? Worry no more! The Tabletop is powered on joy, laughter, and a bit of aggression with no electricity needed! Long for the competition you enjoyed as a young athlete, but your body can no longer keep up? One word...Tabletop!

Got Kids?

The money spent on adult/kid board games this year in my own home will be equivalent to about 4 rounds of golf, and that doesn't even include the cost of golf equipment. More important than the price however is the fact that I'd be missing out on time with my kids! I've seen many articles, a few written by individuals with PhDs in psychology, about the benefits of board games. The benefits of the Tabletop in the home are endless...seriously. I grew up during the emergence of electronics in the home and I truly believe electronics have severely impacted family and social interaction! As much as I do like board games myself (seriously, I love the interaction, the competition, the strategy, the brainwork, the teamwork, etc.), the only reason I allow myself to thoroughly enjoy them is because it's one of the few affordable hobbies that will ensure that I involve my children and my spouse since in most cases interaction is an essential component of board gaming. I do enjoy many other hobbies, but the investment of my time and money in those things are not worth the sacrifice I'd have to make in regards to time with family and friends. Make no mistake the stability of our homes and relationships are far more important than any hobby we'd like to indulge in! Parents can interact with their kids in a variety of ways, but gaming on the Tabletop truly is one way that can stand the test of time while also teaching patience, critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, social skills, and so much more. Your kid may not want to play action figures or XBOX with you as a teenager, but they will never tire of the Tabletop. Who knows what they will grow to love, but I can assure you whatever it is the Tabletop will have a game right in line thematically with their other interests and they will come back time and time again.

No Kids?

For those of you who aren't married or that don't have kids, I don't even think you need convincing! The Tabletop is the most cost effective and enjoyable console you can have? Want to spend hours and hours in a dungeon crawl? Tabletop has it! Want to have enjoyable nights of laughter with your friends in your own home or a local coffee shop? No problem with the Tabletop. Try taking your console out in public along with a TV and see how that goes! Want to play it AND watch your favorite show or movie? Tabletop can give you this experience! Want to enjoy a great night with friends for under $20? Again, one word...Tabletop. The only true way to ever see the benefits of a console or other entertainment option is to try it out. Give it a go and if the Tabletop isn't the best console you've ever had this time next year let me know so I can eat my words!

Is That All?

As I've polled folks about what they'd like to see in a blog, most prefer short and sweet. So, there ya go that's the short and sweet argument for the Tabletop from us. Trust me, we could go on, but we hope that most folks reading this are needing to be convinced to join the board game hobby. A thesis never created interest for anybody who is new to a subject matter! However, maybe you already love the hobby and do want to delve into this topic more OR maybe after reading this you are just not quite ready to jump in, check out these articles below if so!

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