A New Console: A Three Part Series on the Tabletop

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I have very vivid memories of literally spending whole days in front of a television with a controller in my hand during my childhood. What game was in the console did not matter to me. This day it was Crash Bandicoot. That day it was Frogger. The next day it was playing a whole season on NCAA Football. Every night that I stayed at my friend’s house it was Mario Party and Pokémon Stadium accompanied by homemade nachos and Sunkist! I grew up during what was arguably the apex of traditional console gaming, and while it was seemingly fun in the moment I can look back and see so many negatives about it. For many games social interaction was neglected. Isolation from my siblings and parents was developed due to my affection for play time. Accomplishments and achievements were pursued wholeheartedly, only to realize I’d never reach them before the next big game came out. While many people find the balance in regards to laziness I often times sunk into a lazy lifestyle due to my affection for the flashy new console. The list could go on and on. Many of these negatives in regards to traditional console gaming have been improved upon greatly, but I believe that what we see in the Tabletop is exponentially better than consoles of the past, present, and maybe even the future. The Tabletop makes use of some of the best features of traditional console gaming while excluding many of the negative traits that seem to never go away. Greed in the console industry, specifically in the way of pay-to-play, is one of these negative traits that has absolutely wrecked traditional consoles of today’s world in most user’s eyes. Thankfully, at leasti up to this point the Tabletop has not fallen victim to this! The point of this series is not to dismantle traditional console gaming since we at GAG still think video games are awesome, but it is more so written to promote a healthy understanding of board gaming by presenting it as the superior alternative to traditional console gaming. We will provide evidence as to how and why the Tabletop is thriving as a competitor to what we all know as game consoles. We hope that for many people this will shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of traditional game consoles leading them to join with us as we enjoy the new console, the Tabletop.

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Part 1: Why Tabletop

Coming July 30

Part 2: Tabletop Success

Coming August 6

Part 3: Tabletop 5.0

Coming August 13

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