Who We Are

Hey there! Green Akers Games is just another friendly face in the tabletop gaming community! We primarily focus on designing and reviewing games; however, we are always looking for other ways to interact with and support the tabletop world. Our goal is to help groups of friends and families take a step back from the chaos of life and enjoy quality time together! We hope you enjoy our site, our videos, and our Game Vault. Don't hesitate to check out our Contact Page if you'd like to get in touch with us for any reason and get to know our team below and over on our Blog!

Our Team


We have room at the moment for one more addition to our team! If you are interested in coming on board simply shoot us an e-mail or fill out the contact form available on the contact us page! Please include within the e-mail: why you'd like to join, what you could contribute, and a little about yourself both within and outside of the tabletop hobby!


    Noah is Ben and Crystal's five year old son. He loves playing soccer, doing art, and having family game nights. On occasion the Green Akers Games YouTube Channel will feature Noah reviewing some of his own toys or even one of his kid friendly board games! His favorites for now are The Grimm Forest, Scavenger Hunt, and Life: Junior Edition!

    Benjamin & Crystal

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    Ben and Crystal are the founders of Green Akers Games. Ben is more so the game geek and enthusiast, but Crystal doesn't often turn down the opportunity for a game night whether it be with friends, family, or the kiddos! Ben is into games of all types while Crystal has a soft spot for party games and Ticket to Ride!


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    Mac is one of Ben's childhood friends that is also very passionate about Tabletop Games. He often gives Ben a hand when it comes to game design critique, reviews, playthroughs, unboxings, and more! The games at the top of his list at the moment are Munchkin Marvel, Dice Throne,

    Azul, Scythe, & Azul SG!


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    Hannah is the brains behind most of the graphic work for Green Akers Games. She loves to travel and see the world. She has always had a passion for photography and continues to do work in that realm with occasional graphic design work on the side. Though she isn't often featured in our videos she's a huge part of the team!

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    Green Akers Games Established 2018